Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Deep State

Republicans, and particularly President Trump, have spoken frequently over the last few years about this mysterious, malignant Deep State that is undermining our countries greatness.

It was kind of mysterious since they never really explained what, or who, the Deep State was, much less offered any proof that it actually existed.  It was a great sound bite though.

President Trump has provided clarification. The Deep State he speaks of is in fact the institutions and laws that create the checks and balances our political system is built on.  Those checks, balances and processes do not allow him to use tax payer money as a carrot to entice other countries to investigate his political rivals.  They hinder his efforts to team up with like minded folks like Vladimir Putin, Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia or Turkey's Recep Erdogan to forward his personal power and influence.  They make it difficult to funnel all Federal employee overnight stays into his properties.  They expose the folly of his impulsive decision making in matters of grave importance to the country, and his tendency to mistake developing personal relationships with world leaders with representing the interests of this country.

Voters need to start challenging any politician that starts talking about the "Deep State" to be specific and offer some evidence.

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lloyd said...

I didn't see this when you posted it in November, 2019, but find it is still accurate when reading it in May, 2020. Very observant of you to correctly note his definition! Lloyd