Friday, February 19, 2010

Message to Independent voters

Don't be. It's like wearing designer jeans to a construction site. It may make you feel special, but you become irrelevant for actually getting things done. Political decisions are made by the major parties. When you step out of the major parties to be independent you turn over the primaries to folks with brains incapable of seeing two sides of any question. No big surprise that when it comes time to vote your choices aren't very appealing.
Rule number 110 about politics. Primary votes have become more important than general election votes, because the primaries are where the candidates who actually think about problem solving get bumped out by the folks who give the hardcore idealogues whatever they want to hear.
Even if it goes against your sense of self, register with a party and then hold your nose and vote for the candidate who seems to comprehend that there are actually two sides to almost every issue.

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Devin said...

A very thoughtful point. It might follow that the polarization of both parties near either edge of the political spectrum can be blamed in part on the growing number of independents who have abandoned both parties.